Critical Texts

Isabella Del Guerra


he adjectives: elegant, beautiful, sublime, poetic are nearly disappeared from critical texts that illustrate and comment the works of contemporary art, perhaps because they no are more suited to works produced?, maybe if they have lost all sense?
There are, however, still some artists who, with great desire and volition, try different and unexplored way and, through deepening cultural studies, make vital and dynamic the Art; Artists who engage with determination because their creativity can still surprise and amaze: one of these is Annalù. The artistic project of Annalù is outside from all the canons of today's proposal, she adopts a sculptural practice with innovative materials and topical-use and, turning a intellectual inquiry into artistic creation, she enchants, blending beauty and poetry. In the sculptures of Annalù we can find the archaic sense of song-poetry-word and magic-ritual-action, the sculptures by Annalù are Songs that offer praise to Beauty. The beauty enchants when attracts the viewer into rituals visions, at the same time, gives a guide in the unveiling of her mystery. Annalù: the sculptor, the poet, the narrator, the visionary, she enters and exits of the dream world and, with rationality, professionalism and great ability, makes real what cannot be real. She notes the Nature, enters its essence, elaborates, captures the deep sense of silence that is characteristic of meditation but knowing and accepting this, with humility, that nothing can  compare to her perfection. All the work of Annalù comes from careful observation of nature, and in the effort to imitate the charm, sums up the greatest mystery: the strength of the change in the infinite nuances of becoming. Her elements, when changes, they seem to carry with them the memory of what they were and, as in nature, the genetic memory of what will be. Her works, with magical awareness, are the result of a ritual that is renewed every time. Has been said a lot about her work, giving remark to the materials used: the idea of water that many of her sculptures suggest, or the transparency of the ice that is found in the crystal leaves and crystallized of certain  her sculptures, the infinite dance of the butterflies symbol of rebirth and the link between the ground and the Divine. Annalù creates and recounts her amazement: tells us the desire of lightness, a jump in the water that inevitably seems unlikely but, however, belong to heaven (Double jump in the blue),tells of butterflies that turn in flowers,tells the water represented in clusters of transparent leaves traversed by lighttells of the cortex that becomes papyrus,she invents books that have pages of water where you can not write anything but where everything is already written: the origin of our life, the main essence of all our becoming. But Annalù does more, hers is a research, it is a project that began 20 years ago, that she  continues with determination, because for the beauty, for the sublime, for poetry, there is no never end.
Galleria Gagliardi - 2013: Solo exhibition "OMNIS ARS IMITATIO NATURAE EST" by Annalù,curated by Isabella Del Guerra and Stefano Gagliardi