Critical Texts

Roberta Ridolfi


By nature, art absorbs all that is sensual, sentimental, emotional and then sends it back into the sublime. This definition, perhaps, is able to give the viewer an adequate idea of the work of Aliai, an extremely refined artist whose purpose is to coin aestheticly, within the imagination, a new form of poetry. The most interesting aspect of this cycle of her work is, in my opinion, that particular contemplative quality, an authentic dimension of the spiritual and profoundly cerebral, expressed with simplicilty and completely void of anything artificial and trivial. The extremes of these works can be condensed into two precisely contrasting sentiments: solitutde and love. Two essential and painful sides of life, rich with genius and originality, brought together by cromatic intervention that alludes to life. For the artist, color and light are like a symbolic code, rays of light and energy that allude to the mysteries of life. The techniques used by Aliai are like contemporary children: they are photografic images reworked on a computer, yet remain well rooted in century after century of the human story. As in the canvases of Caravaggio, where the emotions instinctivly attack the sensibilites of the onlooker, here in the works of Aliai it is our souls that are being called onto the frontlines of a spiritual battlefield. A painting, like a a photographic image, is derived from an eloaborate mind that then implodes in the essense of what we are. The universe reflects itself in the movements of contemporary art. Sometimes life finds a new sense of inspiration in the Pindaric flights that creativity can render. Art with its energy produces thoughts and seeds that germinate, agitate, exalt, depress,and involve, leaving absolute balance detached only where emotions are not permitted. This is the vital fulcrum point in the work of Aliai.

Galleri Gagliardi - 2006: solo exibition "Nella Luce" by Roberta Aliai  text by Roberta Ridolfi