Critical Texts

Simone Gheri


Painter of the crystalline look. This is a beautiful definition of Danilo Fusi made by the historian of art Giorgio Di Genova. A definition that succeeds in synthesizing very well that to appears before us when we are in front of his work. Crystalline it is the image that we see, because crystalline it is the look with which Fusi sees the world and the things. And this transparency returns to us whole and deep. We are captured by his faces, from that total light that is not a regarding only the eyes and of the curves, or the lines, but from everything light, evanescent, almost imperceptible. This is great quality to have crystalline look and to return transparent "cristallinity". This allows to understand very well, the essence, the substance. We are not distracted and diverted by the appearances, from the noises around us, from annoying and deceptive tricks of light and colours that have the tendency to make to perceive to us the different things from what they are. Any pretense in a times of exasperated pretenses, any indulgence to appear that it annihilates the being. There is a great need, today, of crystalline look: not only to understand the blames and the reasons, but to find, departing from the understanding of the reality of the things, if not the clearest solutions at least the most reasonable answers to the needs, to the problems, to the conflicts that cross us. For this, I look at a face drawn from Fusi and I think at a precious rock-cystal that now I call Peace.

Galleria Gagliardi - 2004: solo exhibition "Attraverso lo sguardo"  by Danilo Fusi: text by Simone Gheri