Press Release

Altri Cieli. Elegie del Trovatore by CLAUDIA GIRAUDO
curated by Stefano Gagliardi
from 09/10/2015 to 30/10/2015

2015 - Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano

Taken from the critic text by Alessandra Frosini:
"An imagined world, dominated by a dreamlike atmosphere, is a world where anything can happen. It is a world where each detail is processed and becomes allegory, since things cannot escape epistrophè the return syndrome, always striving to join their respective archetypes. It is a world illuminated by the reflections of the mind, in a game of concentric drawings in which the horizons of symbology, and consequently of life, are discovered.
Claudia Giraudo walks us through this world with the works on display at the exhibition entitled Altri Cieli. Elegie del Trovatore, which belong to some of the most important cycles of the production of this artist from Turin, linked together by the fil rouge of poetry. Whether it is intended as a symbolic tribute to the production and creation of the poet, custodian of the Mystery, or materialises in the world of the circus and, in particular, in the figure of the tightrope walker, that which ties together all of Giraudo's works is this underlying soul that aims to poetise life as a form of coincidence between the imaginary world and the existential one, between desire and the object of that desire, following all of its visionary aspects. (...)"

Taken from the critic text by Stefano Gagliardi:
"These are skies where stories are told, where the stories become images of thin perceptions. These are the skies of yesterday, they are the remembrance of that time and of that place which is left at the end of the journey, and that we want to remember whilst the soul regains its lightness, almost as if to compose itself in the nostalgic melodies of the colour and in images, as if generated by the sound of a lyre or a flute. These are the skies of the poet who chooses woman to be his muse, woman as mediator of the absolute. These are the skies of the troubadour, of the poet who sings and puts his love in prose. (...)"

"ALTRI CIELI. ELEGIE DEL TROVATORE" saolo exhibition by Claudia Giraudo, curated by Alessandra Frosini and Stefano Gagliardi From October 9th to 30th 2015 , Galleria Gagliardi, in collaboration with ArToday Events