Press Release

critic text by Maria Vignozzi Paszkowski
from 21/02/2004 to 14/03/2004

2004 - Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano

The natural passion for art has led Paolo Staccioli into the field of ceramics around '89, like has he had previously entered in the world of painting. He see to the great Old Teachers, he seeks a link with the ancient times and the tradition,but reaches,through association and influences to his own dimension, to his own expressivenes. Natural talent in your autodidactic formation,him is a painter,sculptur,ceramist of great fantasy. From the classical fragments, from his studies on Paolo Uccello's "La Battaglia of San Romano",from the objects linked to reminiscences of his childhood,he construct his world of fantasy,immersed in a space that recalls the one of dreams. The meeting of creative vitality and technical curiosity led him discover the expressive potentialities of ceramics,to comply with the nature and the malleability of a material. Together with the use of traditional and not forms, him be fragments,deforms,studies,moulds,cuts and finally disposes on a space defined by form for to expressing the ideal archetypical images that comes from his soul. The dimensions of the works do not limit the liberty of the brush. Clear strokes define the pulcinella,horses,dolls, and cherubini. Through the baking of his works,Staccioli obtains soft colours crayon, with opaque and bright tones. These contrast allow the light to enter in a dull material,thus creating delicate effects of deepness and atmosphere. The figures of his fantastic world populate his sculptures,in altorilievi,bassorilievi or simply paintings with extraordinary expressive liberty, sometimes to be repeated of certain themes never tired the artist or the observer. The horses,sobject particularly loved ,are presented as virtual,only survivors of a battle run,they rise as giants they tormented bellies swollen under the strain. In all works and sculptures the disposition of the horses on a vertical axis, emphasises the sense of ascensional movement that radiates a sensation of relief and liberation. Staccioli's figuration expresses a serene solitude without divinities and no links with the mythology. His thematic choices and his continuous referene to the world of fantasy are a signs of innocence,spontaneity,happiness that seems to bide a unconscious or unaware anxiety. Emotive abstractions out of time.

Maria Vignozzi Paszkowski