Press Release

ARMONIE la terra, se l'uomo, se il cielo... by ARMANDA VERDIRAME
critic text by Luciano Caramel ART IN PARK Hotel Villa San Paolo
from 09/09/2006 to 08/10/2006

2006 - Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano

ARMONIE ... se la terra, se l'uomo, se il cielo ...

The primary dimension of Armanda Verdirame's latest work is cosmogonic-cosmological.
An ancient dimension of sculpture, in the broadest sense of the term, from the Paleolithic Menhir to " The Endless Column" by Brancusi, who, with Armanda, I believe maintains substantial validity; even today ,in a world that bears the increasingly merciless mark of electronics, that inevitably seems to make all hand-made co-ordinates look anachronistic, so that we even find ourselves wondering whether it is still possible (here and now, rather than as an archaeologically intended tribute)to work at sculpture, using the same techniques and materials as always. Armanda Verdirame works in this ambitious direction, using clay as her favourite medium, shaping and then firing it with rituals and rhythms that are the same as ever and as such have a significance of their own; alternative, in the purposeful sense of the term, because it entails tracing and anthropological root system back to the original, fertilising acts and materials with the pregnancy of the primary symbol. Luciano Caramel

Luciano Caramel