Press Release

curated by Isabella Del Guerra
from 20/11/2003 to 08/12/2003

2003 - Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano

We can say that Daniela Chinellato is an artist with the heart of a child, the mind of a woman that makes treasure of her memories and her experiences of life and the hands with a great wisdom of artist.

With the heart and the imagination of child she gives life to anthropomorphous sculptures that populate fantastic worlds.

With the mind she creates sculptures that surprise, sculptures to be discovered with the game for us that we look them.

Looking through a small window to see cats, hearts, small treasures of glass, small fishes, faces, or to guess if that sculpture is a smaller cabinet rather than a small devil or more column rather than tower or chimney, houses with their own windows, terraces, entrance door, road of access.

They attract us in a game, in which the sculptures become objects with an own life and they have at the same time to allude and to deceive, concealing their nature.

With her experiences and her memories Daniela narrates for us fantastic histories and small poetries on the surfaces of her sculptures as they were pages of a book animated to be read contrarily, ...still playing.

With the hands and the experience of artist Daniela Chinellato creates, through the ceramics complex forms, enriching these of other materials, like iron, bronze, copper and wood.

Sculptures that in every place both inside how external, they fill their own space with lightness and irony.

Isabella Del Guerra