Press Release

presentation by Isabella Del Guerra ex Fornace Pasquinucci
from 24/06/09 to 28/06/09

2009 - Galleria Gagliardi, Montelupo Capraia

Enrico Stropparo - 1953 - Italia

Enrico Stropparo has a long ceramic tradition started in the studio of great potters.

In 1972 he exhibited in the Biennale di Venezia and in 1973 in the Triennale di Milano.

In the years he consolidated his interest fore a more basic materials (clays and fire clay) mixed with oxides and worked in intarsia. In this difficult technical exercise, the rational and aesthetic origins become softened by slight movements of the material and the gentle hues of colour that come simply from the natural tones of the earth itself.

The lines of his early works slowly became a kind of re-visitation of historical characters in Venetian architecture but in a modern style. In 1989 he won the Faenza Prize at the International Competition of Ceramic Art in Faenza.

Important artistic appointment in last years: International Ceramic Art di Taiwan, Contemporary Italian Ceramic at Arita-Sigaraki-Tokyo and Symposium of Italian Ceramic Sculpture in Pechino (Cina).

Isabella Del Guerra