Press Release

critic text by Isabella Del Guerra
from 16/07/2005 to 05/08/2005

2005 - Galleria Gagliardi, Taormina


Raffaello Ossola - 1954 - Svizzera

Oh these skies! And the earth, and the water.

Raffaello Ossola has no doubt, he leads you for whole and at once through time and world.Clouds go along with the worked, corroded stone, clouds observe, threat, allude, understand, while the stubborn tree grows and re-grows.Subjective and objective inter-wave in the canvas without solution of continuity.Finite and infinite, spatial and temporal live together in harmony,and hope comes back to you.Raffaello expresses values and myths that had been forgotten for a century: the historic memory, the individual being, and the works in a frame without limits alluding to other worlds, the hurting but winning research of the sense of things.He does all this with a merciless use of different perspectives, the co-existence of ruins and victories, forsakings and permanencies, aspirations and realisations.He represents with an extraordinary realism the developing of a complex thought, the deceptive soothing of the search in the moment of contemplation, the tiring acknowledgement of feeling in an untameable rush.It is a fighting kind of art, strong and without regret, where recollecting is a dutiful lingering in the fallen events, it is the preparation to a future which deepens its stout and mighty roots in profound secrets.What history took from us, history will give us back.If the “artist" should be “armed", Raffaello Ossola is.He grasps the brush and represents myths, he does not ape and does not deny, he simply affirms values and truths.

Isabella Del Guerra