Press Release

La mia ombra e' lieve by ELISA ANFUSO
from 18/09/2010 to 09/10/2010

2010 - Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano

My shadow is gentle

There is a girl without age who lives in a room where time is timeless, where dream, fantasy, desire and projection come together to form a parallel universe. In the room with the small door always closed, perhaps once entered you can't or don't want to leave because everything you desire you can magically transform into reality and, if you listen carefully, in the background, just softly sung, a lullaby of children brings back nostalgically at a distant childhood. An enchanted room where origami come to life and fly between the black curls of a young girl, where wooden horses, careful and obedient, follow her, where flowers bloom vital and colourful popping up from the floor and clocks tell time that does not really exist.

A space where everything is possible without time and age.

In this dimension we read, we feel the levity of the eternal adolescence, a limbo where a thin veil marks the transition from childhood to adulthood, a condition crystallised without risk of infection. A world seemingly innocent and joyful that hides, beyond the small door, the security of a shelter from a reality that too often frightens and that more often we are unprepared for. Elisa Anfuso writes poems from which emerges an inner self full of secret aspirations and desires, verses entrusted to small sheets which, in her paintings, are processed in small birds of paper flying confused or tied to light wires: note of a very intimate and deep path: images/metaphors of a journey that she lets us sharing revealing her own secret emotions. On canvas and on paper, oils and pastels brightly stained colour elegant dresses, steady  pen signs draw games, chairs and stacked armchairs, boxes containing who knows what secrets, cages that they left them fly away, giving them the coveted freedom, the shoes of a small Cinderella.

Isabella Del Guerra