Press Release

critic text 2 by Isabella Del Guerra
from 21/02/2004 to 14/03/2004

2004 - Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano

There are moments in which we need to stop and listen, listen to the voice of the heart; there are some instants that we must recognize, precious instants in which feelings appropriate of the being and fill the heart, instants in which we must exclude the voice of the reason, the noise of the world;

to listen.

I don't look at the works of Carlos with the eyes of the mind, I like to touch them as I like to caress the bark of an old tree; I listen.

The voice of the Earth, through his works, Carlos Carlè, allows the earth to communicate.

In front of these sculptures of primordial forms and of an austere and proud presence I let me transport by the emotion and I come into contact with the earth, with her colours; arid deserts, deep lakes, springs of alpine water, barks of secular trees, the terrible colours of the burnt forests, the asperities of the rock, eruptions of volcanos, sour sod in dry fields.

These works made of clay, water and fire, speak about themselves, they attract us inviting us to penetrate in the soul of the earth.

They are sculptures that have open hurt, deep lacerations, as the earth, but we don't feel a cry of pain, there’s not suffering.

In them we feel the quiver of an internal life, of lifeblood, of dynamism.

Works even marked, they seek the freedom of a proper space of a proper life.

Works of so intense poetry that excite me deeply.

Isabella Del Guerra