Press Release

critic text by Diego Bionda
from 11/01/2003 to 15/02/2003

2003 - Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano

Now, this finds are hanging on the walls, only just cleared from the earth that has con�cealed them from the human sight, throughout centuries. They seem like great modernity hearers and if deeply expressed, they could disclose mankind evolution.It�s interesting to let them suggest, in their rhythmical graphic composition, stories about Mediterranean civilisation. This longed human familiarity with fishes becomes clear in Sakana�s harmonic and essential shape, a black bronze obtained from a Carrara marble sculp�ture.The materials, Nino Ventura skilfully matches, are the same ones men used, from the very beginning, to hand down to posterity knowledge, thought and images, showing artistry in the awareness of the surrounding elements.The warmly red Castellamonte clay joins to bronze, wood, lava, sand, pigments and enamels, giving sensations and telling us earliest times stories.The title Mediterraneo Terra Mia springs from the author�s deep connection with ageographic area that has always been cradle of civilisation, of cultural exchanges andcontamination. Nino Ventura has succeeded in elaborating an universally intelligiblelanguage, with a synthesis of meaningful languages that have marked out theMediterranean cours�es, rnaking out the actual rich blend of different cultures.
Diego Bionda