Press Release

Testo di Isabella Del Guerra
from 14/12/1996 to 06/01/1997

1997 - Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano


From Brera to Jamaica

works by:

Misia De Angelis
Piermario Dorigatti
Alessandro Fieschi
Ayak Nakamiya
Pietro pasquali
Antonio Sammartano
Tetsuro Shimizu

This exhibition documents the pictorial research accomplished by seven yong artists who identified a common aspiration after the absolute dimension of color: The didastic experience they achieved at the School of fine arts (Accademia di Brera) in Milan enabled them to perform such a research.

This atmosphere full of mutual interests allows the exhibition to tackle profoundly with the dimension of painting perceived as a search after primary colours, where colour is experienced as something avoking remote trasparencies, as a remort permeated with secret lights, as a field with vague and suble visions.

From an impalpable and airy painting, we shift to a more vigorous firmness of pigments, before almost touching a few sensation of non-figurative matter, and finally envisaging colour as a pure luminous vibration.

It is a tour of the new painting temperaments fornished with a work in verse by artist Paolo Minoli and with a review by Claudio Cerritelli (the two of them teach at the Accademia di Brera), who selected the artists and saw to the organisation of this event.

Isabella Del Guerra

Inauguration: On Saturday , 14th December 1996