Press Release

critic text by Antonella Baldoni
from 04/06/2005 to 24/06/2005

2005 - Galleria Gagliardi, Taormina


Still before knowing Matteo Pugliese in meat and bones,I have known him in one of his clay forms, while he was pushing out of an algid white wall, lacerating himself the muscles, shouting a painful silence with wide open eyes up to break themselves. I have observed him for a long time, from every angling, under every light, as hypnotized in front of that materialized cry - principle of escape, utopia of salvation - that only a well trained conscience to the blindness would have been able to ignore not to recognize as its same reflex.I would like that you succeeded in devoting a hour of your time to this offer of a new experience, that you stripped you of every role, mask, self-defence, that you dipped you in this microcosm of white walls from which now sprout a face, now a face and an arm, and then a leg, and then a whole body, that twists him to free himself from some flat innocence, to be born to the senses. There is no peace, satisfaction there is no calm; the goal is the movement, the destination, the escape.Every new reached condition, ends up anesthetizing the senses and these "damned of the perpetual motion" they have as misssion the endless search of the Truth, aware that the Truth with it "V" capital it doesn't exist, we can convince only us that it is that "comfortable armchair" on which to let us survive when we become too much tired to continue in the search, too disenchanted for keeping on cultivating a hope, too much old men to go Over.

Antonella Baldoni