Press Release

presentation by Stefano Gagliardi ART IN PARK Excelsior Palace Hotel
from Giugno 2004 to Luglio 2004

2004 - Galleria Gagliardi, Taormina

The artistic life of Isao Sugiyama is closely linked to the artist himself, his culture, Japanese tradition, and great respect for nature and his cultural and spiritual world. Sugiyama works marble without transforming it, but gradually helping it progress from the purely natural state to the unexpected whiteness inside, revealing transparencies which magically allow the light to pass through; tiny diaphragms which transfix the eye and the heart. He works soft, pale, light wood which harmonises perfectly with the whiteness of marble, a material which should be in complete contrast, but which seems to be its natural extension. Sugiyama becomes an instrument for the celebration of spirituality, creating small temples in inaccessible places, tiny sanctuaries which welcome our souls; Sugiyama shows us an impassable path, steep stairs, very narrow bridges, impossible climbs. A difficult road, the same which we travel during our lives, at the end of which, in the Silence of the Soul, we can find ourselves. Sugiyama celebrates Nature, paying homage through himself and this is the most spiritual, deeply meaningful poetry that an Artist can create, using his own sensitivity and his own hands.

Isabella Del Guerra